1/48 Zvezda Bf-109F-2

Gallery Article by Floyd S. Werner, Jr. on Feb 16 2011


I just completed my Zvezda 1/48th Bf-109F-2. I used Authentic Decals, Quickboost Fuel Injector, Vector Upgrade set, and Eduard PE. More photos and an article will come later when the weather isn't below freezing. I have to say that this is the finest fitting and engineered kit I've ever built. There was no filler used on it and everything fit perfectly. I did scratchbuild some of the plumbing on the engine but most of it is the kit stuff. 

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As for Werner's Wings, I'm giving you all an exclusive. I am in the final stages of a 1/32nd scale Bf-109V-13 (both versions) and V-14 conversion. It will be two separate conversions, V-13 and V-14. The V-13 will be able to be built as either the racer or the record setter. All the parts were mastered by Tom Bautch, with decal artwork by Keith Davidson and printed by Cartograf, and a vacuform canopy by Falcon. Does that sound familiar? Tom has done a fabulous job with the parts and captured all the shapes perfectly, including the record setter lower cowling. We found some photos of it and benefited from new information that wasn't out when I released the 1/48th conversion. You'll have to wait to see the parts. I have no idea just yet of the release date or the costs.  I will let you all know when they arrive.

I'm also getting ready to do some more helicopter stuff. I am working on the AH-1W Turned Exhausts which has proven elusive to get right. Some Blackhawk stuff will be coming out as well.

Floyd S. Werner, Jr.

Photos and text by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.