1/48 Revell Mil-24D Hind

Gallery Article by Douglas Fede on Feb 22 2011


A few months ago I was asked to assemble a Hind 24 with Russian markings and paint depicting an Afghan attack helicopter.  I turned to the Revell kit in 1/48, combined that with Linden Hill's Bush War Hinds decal sheet, and went to work. 

The kit has a few nice touches like engraved and raised panel lines, a few choices for ordinance, and a decent amount of detail along the rotor heads.  There is however a bunch of work ahead of any modeler who wishes to build one of these.  The fit is very tricky and my Dremel tool and I were inseparable during several steps.  There are several clear parts provided and in particular the clear panels for the cabin windows and side walls fit poorly.  I grinded down as much material as possible to get a snug fit.  Gaps still persisted along the two fuselage halves and super glue flowed tube after tube.  After much filling and sanding, the halves did look very good.  The underside is the hardest area to fill and sand because the front gear door is molded in place. 

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The exhaust tubes were also a challenge because there is a seam with runs through the middle and needs a lot of attention.  This kit is a great challenge for someone who wouldn't mind after market detailing.  Cobra Company makes several sets including a cockpit, weapons sets, and other resin upgrades.  Although I did not get the chance to use any on this project, I recommend them.  It will eliminate the amount of work needed to bring the kit up to speed and the resin will look great and create a nice deal of accuracy.

With the help of Linden Hill's Bush War Hinds decal set, I was able to choose from several Russian and export models.  These decals are very good and I wouldn't use any other sets building the Hind 24.  There are plenty of stencils, nose art, and the schemes are fun and interesting.  I chose a Soviet chopper found in Afghanistan and stationed at Bagram Air Base during the Afghan conflict circa 1989.  The dragon on the nose area holds a set of rocket pods while wearing a gunner's helmet.  A very nice touch.

I spend a good deal of time on my Hind, mainly due to fit problems which needed a special touch.  This build was however very rewarding as I finished up with a pretty neat Hind. 

I airbrushed the camouflage using sticky tack as a mask.  Special mixed color from Model Master which included Armor sand went into  the top paint, while Tamiya light blue handed the bottom.  The canopies were hand masked but you'll save some time if you pick up Eduard's canopy mask set.

Douglas Fede

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Photos and text by Douglas Fede