1/72 Monogram Space Shuttle Cutaway

Gallery Article by Pete Malaguti on Feb 22 2011


The 1/72 Monogram Space Shuttle kit was the basis for this build. Needless to say, there's quite a bit of scratchbuilding here and not a lot of the original kit is left. Some aftermarket items from Real Space Models were used ... the radiator panels, Ku Band antenna, SSME engine bells, PE handholds, aft umbilical panel. The SSMEs ( Space Shuttle Main Engines) were scratchbuilt, except for the Engine bells themselves, a couple years ago, with the intent of building a cutaway to attach them to.

I've been interested in the American Space program since the beginning ... and I'm curious, and fascinated, as to how these pieces of hardware were designed and built in such a short time period. So a cutaway both educates me, and shows the viewer the intricacies of these vehicles.

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This build took close to 900 hours, over 14 months, a few thousand parts and dozens of printed out reference pix. The online build is right here on ARC. 


I learned a heckuva lot about model building and ... about the Space Shuttle Orbiter itself. And enjoyed almost every minute of this build! ;-D

And thanx Steve, for maintaining this terrific website and providing us a forum to show our models! 

Pete Malaguti

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Photos and text by Pete Malaguti