1/32 Hasegawa AFTI F-16

Gallery Article by rjan Johannesen on May 5 2011


AFTI F-16 (Advanced Fighter Technology Integration)

Hello, second submission here! I started this model a couple of years ago, it has been challenging to create this very special Viper. 

The model I have built depicts one of the first configs from 1983. Its the DFCS (Digital flight control systems) phase. The AFTI F-16 was a joint Nasa, Air-force, Navy program to test possible future aircraft systems. More info here: Nasa Dryden AFTI/F-16

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I decided to use the old Hasegawa kit #100 from 1978. As this kit represents a FSD (Full scale development) airframe. It includes the Stencel seat, which is appropriate for this conversion. I opted to use a metal landing gear from Scale Aircraft Conversions as it is a bit more durable. I also rescribed the entire kit. The kit exhaust nozzle lacked a lot of detail so I decided to use one I had left over from the Academy kit, which has much nicer surface details. 

However much scratchbuilding has been done

List includes:

  • Spine.

  • Entire spin chute assembly including fuselage mounts. 

  • Various lights, antennas and probes.

  • Canards.

  • Cockpit.

  • Cameras in chaff/flare bays.

Also I have made custom decals as it is not commercially available, including AFTI logo and aircraft registration markings. 

I painted the model with Xtracrylics FS colors which worked great. Wash is done with The Detalier washes, it also worked great!

I would like to thank all the guys that helped me out. Especially Modelpig on Z5 that made the incredible Yaps Boom in the front. I had a struggle trying to scratch that, also Erik Torp in IPMS Norway forum for giving me some Jettison canopy decals which I needed. And last but not least everyone that helped med with all questions I had about the plane. Mike V especially.

If you would like to comment or ask a question you can e-mail me.

rjan Johannesen

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Photos and text by rjan Johannesen