Gallery Article by Ed Kinney on June 10 2011


The new Trumpeter 1/48th scale offerings of the F-100D, while not perfection, are so far ahead of the old Monogram “Turkey”  that the differences are just short of spectacular.  I can state that there were no fit issues and they were most enjoyable and quick builds. Aftermarket items used in construction consist of the following: 


  • Alclad II- 7 shades                                                

  • Custom decals by Red Pegasus                                  

  • Eduard “Zoom” cockpit                                    

  • AMS intake cover and seat

Triple Zilch:

  • Alclad II – 9 shades

  • Microscale decals

  • Eduard “Zoom” cockpit

  • AMS interior enhancement * 

*The AMS interior enhancement set includes the replacement seat, instrument panel, coaming and gunsight, section for the aft canopy section.  The intake cover was also added. 

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Both were finished using Alclad II lacquers and some new products from them that I found particularly useful.  Specifically, a new waterbased finish called Aqua Gloss Clearcoat, and a series of 4 varying sheens ranging from clear flat to “light sheen” flat cote. Please refer to my review of these products on the IPMS/USA website (http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/6-new-products-alclad-ii) for a more detailed explanation, but I will say that these new products are easy to use and the results are gratifying.  The Aqua Gloss clear must be sprayed at 35 to 40 psi and dries crystal clear.  I used this to seal the polished aluminum without changing the appearance.  It can be masked over without a problem and gives far more permanence for handling and decaling purposes.  Also, this product has replaced Future floor wax for dipping canopies in my opinion.  The light sheen was used on the afterburner section, allowed to dry overnight and then buffed with an old t-shirt.  The result is a perfect egg shell finish.  The afterburner section finish was obtained by using a combination of Alclad II and a very light application of a deep purple pastel chalk.  When completed to my satisfaction, a very fine mist coat of plain Aluminum was sprayed over the afterburner section to tone down the contrast. 


I guess, as a long time modeler, I have difficulty understanding why so many modelers seem to have trouble with the application of Alclad II.  My best advice would be read the directions…different Alclad paints require different techniques.  I will also refer you to another “how to” article I prepared for the IPMS/USA website (http://www.ipmsusa2.org/reviews2/reviews.htm), although numerous alternative techniques will also work well. There’s no great mystery to a more than acceptable natural metal finish.  OK…I’ll get off my soap box now and thanks for reading !

Ed Kinney

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Photos and text © by Ed Kinney