1/144 Dragon Chinese J-20 Proto type

Gallery Article by Charles Leung on June 27 2011


“Time has changed : on 11th January 2011, without being interfered, hundreds of people crowded into one of the Chengdu airfields to witness the ‘Most Classified’ J-20 stealth fighter’s maiden flight. It landed after 15~18 minutes flight and the ‘spectators’ ended up with a ‘traditional’ fire cracker celebration.

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Although using the same number ‘2001’, it believes two were built in which it can be distinguished by the engine nozzle – one is believed using the Russian built engine while the other is using the Chinese built WS-15 engine.

For the model itself, I don’t have any expectation from a 1/144 scale kit, classified prototype of Chinese fighter in particular.  But Dragon seems to have done a good job based on limited information. In building the kit, I followed the instructions mostly except the pitot-tube which I placed slightly starboard. In general, it is simple and easy to build.”

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Charles Leung

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Photos and text © by Charles Leung