1/144 Eduard Me 262

Gallery Article by Daniel Such on Sept 14 2011


This is my first submission for the ARC, so let's start it off with a small step.

What better subject for that exercise than the Ed's Me-262. It's a rather nice model that goes together without a glitch but with slightly spartan interior. 
So I decided to spice the cockpit area up a little with a True-Details cockpit, well to be honest just some printouts of such a cockpit, scaled to fit the consoles and the instrument panel. It's not visible once the canopy's in place anyway.

The coin is an Israeli half a shequel bit, but the AA battery shows the size of the model. 

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The model went together like a dream, and after some sanding, it was time for a paint shop.

I used personal mixes from Tamiya acrylics for the RLM colors. The RLM 76 was prepared with 1:0.6 XF25-XF2, RLM 75 from 1ml of XF53 with a drop of XF7, and for the surprise of the evening, the RLM 74 was created by XF50 field blue straight from the jar (well thinned down).

The mottling was hand sprayed with my trusty ole Iwata Eclipse HBS with the crown cap off and at a pressure of 4 PSI. the paints were thinned 3:1 for the thinner.

After the painting, all the usual of gloss cote, decals, water based wash and several layers of the satin cote for almost dull finish for the small scale.

As can bee seen the model is a tail sitter, even after placing 2gr in the nose (the wire in the tail is a support). Well that's mostly due to my error when balancing than anything. 

The gargantuan FW190 in pics is of course 1:48 scale. 

Daniel Such

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Photos and text by Daniel Such