1/72 Valkyrie Fighter

Gallery Article by KH Lee on Jan 5 2012

Silly Week 2012


A not so accurate version of Richthofen’s Valkyrie Fighter from the animated steam punk film “War of the Worlds: Goliath” (yet to be released).  It was made for a friend who is one of the producers of the movie.  The model started with 2 Academy 1/72 SPAD XIII kits and took about 3 months to complete.


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The “steam” jet engine structure was carved from a pencil and bits of plastic and soldering iron was added to make it look like an engine!  The wheels where modified from 2 spare bombs and rigging was stretched sprue.  It was a time consuming build but fun and very satisfying at the same time.  Hope my friend likes it when I eventually give it to him AFTER I figure out how to attach it to the base I made.

Happy 2012.

KH Lee

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