1/72 Hasegawa Sukhoï Su-33 Flanker D

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles GODDET on Apr 11 2012  



    This model is a Hasegawa 1/72 Sukhoï Su-33 Flanker D box 01565.  This plane 'Red 80' is a jet from 2nd squadron 279th KIAP used on Russian Navy carrier RNS Admiral Kuznestov nowadays.  Based on design of the classic Air Force Su-27 with a lot of visual differences : twin wheels nose gear, arrester hook, twin duck stab, foldable wings and horizontal tails, retractable IFR probe, shorter tail etc... Su-33 NATO code Flanker D equipped two squadrons 1st squadron with a eagle insignia and 2nd squadron with a siberian tiger head insignia on vertical tails.  Built at 24 examples only 19 Su-33 fly today for the Russian Navy.  The scheme is the Navy standard for this plane 3 colors upper side 3 blue from lighter to darker, I used XTRACOLOR X602 flanker light, X601 flanker medium blue, X603 flanker blue/grey and underside X602 flanker light.  For all radar surfaces I used Gunze flat white H11 and for all internal gear doors and panels Gunze insignia red H327.  After the big challenge was to show all shades of metallic colors used on AL-31 engines, I used a combination of Mr Color iron 212 dark iron 214 and dry brushing with Mr Color SM03 super iron, SM04 super stainless and Humbrol gold 91 and a mix of aluminium 11 + blue 15.  The kit and decals is from the box with no add-ons.  I added a weathering on paint scheme due to maritime use conditions (salt, sun and rust).


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    To enhance the model I decided to show the model with an opened canopy. I added armament from the box : four IR R-73 AA-11 Archer air-air missiles, two x two rockets launchers B8, and two IR R27ET AA-10 Alamo air air missiles under wings.  To show the maximal load I also added four Radar guidance R27R AA-10 Alamo air air missiles on center pylons and intakes pylons.  I added a metal tube to show the 30mm Gsh-30-1 gun.

To finish I hope you like my model and I'm really a great fan of the Sukhoï 27 family.

For memory the specifications for Su-33 are:

  • Maximum speed Mach 2.17 at 33000ft (2300km/h at 10000m)

  • Service ceiling 55800ft (17000m)

  • Range 3000km

  • Rate of climb 246 m/s

  • Thrust / weight 0.83

  • Maximum take off weight 33000kg

It seems to be replace in few years by Mig 29K with better avionics but less sexy.

Jean-Charles GODDET

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