1/48 Hasegawa BF109E-4N

Gallery Article by Paul Coppin on Sept 19 2012



Hi all this is my Hasegawa BF109E-4N of Adolf Galland Kdr.JG26 Audembert France Dec 1940.  Powered by a Daimler Benz DB601A this E4N was armed with two MGFF 20MM and two MG17 7.92MM.  I made this kit in 2009 and I really enjoyed the build on this one.


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This 109 is straight out of the box & everything was a good fit, I did not have to use much filler at all.  I used mainly Tamiya paints and mixed them to get the right shades of RLM I was after, I used a template to spray the mottling and was pleased with the results.  Then I used various artists oil washes and pastels to get the desired light weathering that I wanted to achieve.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of my 109 and will be posting some more articles on here soon, thanks for looking.

Paul Coppin

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Photos and text by Paul Coppin