1/72 Planet Models Arsenal-Delanne 10C.2

Gallery Article by Bartosz Piotrowski on July 14 2013

France National Day



The Arsenal-Delanne was an experimental fighter of French origin. The plane had a rear cockpit and a distinctive tandem wing.


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The Arsenal-Delanne 10-C2 two-seat fighter, designed by Maurice delanne and built by the Arsenal de l'Aeronautique, was of so-called Nenadovich biplane or tandem wing configuration, the tandem-mounted wings providing a continuous slot effect and offering exceptional center of gravity range.

Prototype was virtually complete at Villacoublay when German forces occupied the factory in June 1940. Work on the aircraft continued in a desultory fashion and the first flight test being made in October 1941. After completion of the initial test programme, the aircraft was ferried to Germany for further trials. (Text from Wikipedia.)
Model is all resin with vacu canopy.

Bartosz Piotrowski

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Photos and text by Bartosz Piotrowski