1/72 Academy Canso/PBY

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Aug 21 2013



This is a 1/72 Academy Black Cat, switched mostly into a X-RCAF Canso as used by the Province of Newfoundland Forestry Service. Building this kit reminds me why I do not build 1/72 anymore. Darn things are SO small I have trouble seeing what I am doing.


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The kit took a great many modifications. The observation blisters being the most obvious. Huge chunks of plastic sheet and the extra glass from a C-2 Greyhound kit provide me with the cargo door used by the real airframe. Next the front landing gear broke at least three times during the build. The modifications first done, built out of spare bombs looked great but did not hold up the airframe. A well twisted paper clip turned up as a better weight holding solution.

The biggest modification was turning this tail sitter into a proper build. There are at least 10 pennies and several nuts and bolts wedged into the front of the cabin to keep the weight on the nose. Even still a strong breeze is enough to get it to be a tail sitter again. Next the gun nose was replaced by saw and putty. Reformed to the proper shape and painted. The engine exhaust used parts marked "not for use" to make a Canadian airframe.

The biggest change of course is the Canmilair decals. Made for a very colourful model. I hope the guy I built it for approves of the finished product. This model will NEVER win an IPMS contest but it sure is different from what I normally build.



Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler