1/48 Academy Su-35

Gallery Article by Kenji Miyazawa on Jan 20 2014



I made this Su-35 from Academy's Su-27B and SOL's conversion resin kit.


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This is the fifth model that I've ever made since I came back to building scale model. One of the most remarkable thing for me was that this was the first time to use conversion resin kit, and another is it's "three surface" the most impressive among the modern jet fighter. There is no other choice to make accurate Su-35 1/48 model except using SOL's conversion kit to my knowledge. Since SOL had closed company and we won't be able to get this conversion kit. So it is more important than merely the price itself is expensive, but I felt a pressure to complete this kit without any failure.

The name of Su-35 is now defined for another updated type by Sukhoi OKB, so it may be appropriate to call this plane as the naming of the test plane T10M-9. I wandered which was good to choose T10M-6(706) or T10M-9(709) when I started making this model. I had decided to set aside the blue and white color for making Su-33 which I'm going to make with also only one in stock SOL's conversion kit in the future, now I had started to make this yellow splitter color scheme. After making the previous MIG-21MF, I followed with this Su-35. I feel yellow and green color evoking viper. It's very fun to paint with such impressive color. I'd like to appreciate Russian aircraft designer who selected this scheme.

Kenji Miyazawa

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Photos and text by Kenji Miyazawa