1/48 AMK & Kinetics Kfir C2/C7

Gallery Article by Rafi Ben Shahar on Jan 31 2014



A quick comparison between the two kits shows that both models are highly detailed and result with a very good representation of the Kfir. The grey Kfir C2 is of Kinetics and the camouflaged Kfir C7 is of AMK.

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Some points that differentiate between the kits are as follows:

  1. AMK kit is better engineered and is easier to build than the Kinetics kit. 

  2. Both models have finely engraved panel lines where the Kinetics kit has the panels and access hatches more refined. 

  3. Drop tanks of the Kinetics kit cannot be used as they are not to scale. 

  4. Cockpit features of both kits are basic, but are hardly noticed even when the model is presented with an open canopy. 

  5. Decal quality of both kits is excellent with a slight edge to the Kinetics kit. AMK kit though, has additional stencils that appeared on some Kfirs. 

  6. The fit of parts is very good. However, the soft edges of the Kinetics kit parts require putty work to eliminate seamlines. 

  7. Engine intakes are difficult to attach properly in both kits. Solution: Deviate from the instructions and attach the intakes to the separated fuselage halves. 

  8. The same process can be applied to the nose cone to ensure smooth attachment.

Enjoy the photos.

Rafi Ben Shahar

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Photos and text by Rafi Ben Shahar