Paper Modeling the Israeli Air Force

Gallery Article by Gidi Vitkon on May 5 2014

Israel Independence Day



Once a year the Israeli IPMS club holds its annual yearly meeting and contest. Every kind of modeling genre is presented and last year the most impressive works were the collection of paper models.

The most impressive model was an F-4E completely designed from scratch!!! In 1/32. Full cockpit, beautiful paint job (great Photoshop work) and very large in size. The designer just completed a Kfir C2 in 1/32. 


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For many years the IAF magazine published a paper model with every issue, some were extremely detailed models and remember the great time I had building them using only white glue and scissors. Some of the models are based on those kits, but heavily modified and detailed with great attention to correct shape and color schemes and thr most beautiful ones are self-designed models by talented modelers like the Vautor in 1/48 scale.

To honor the Cobra retirement from service a Cobra model was ordered in 1/32 by the IAF magazine and was a great success. Hopefully the magazine will renew the model printing tradition for future Generations of modelers to come.

Note - The B-17 & F-14 are Polish paper models, the knight is a German paper model. 

Gidi Vitkon

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Photos and text by Gidi Vitkon