1/48 Tamiya Fw-190-A4

Gallery Article by Paul Coppin on Dec 23 2014



Hello again :) this is my latest build a 1/48 FW190-A4 Diorama which depicts Walter Nowotny's White Ten of 1.JG54 on the Eastern Front in early Spring 1942. The Tamiya kit was a great fit with little filling and sanding. I did a little scratch building on this Focke Wulf, this was a FW190-A3 but I converted it to an A4.  I just removed the aerial anchor on the tail and put the correct one on for this version and some other minor modifications. I also added some seat harnesses.  I painted the 190 with a RLM70/RLM71 splinter camouflage and then a top winter white wash camouflage, and for the bottom camouflage RLM 76. 

I used Vallejo paints for the RLM colours and Tamiya white darkened slightly for the white wash. I weathered the 190 using artists oils for the panel lines and various pastels & chalks for the overall weathering also I used Humbrol metal coat for the slight chipping i did not want to chip or weather the 190 too much as I really like this camouflage. Decals are from Print Scale and Tamiya. And to finish it all off I used Vallejo gloss and then a final few coats of matt finish.


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For the diorama base I made a mixture of water pva glue and bicarbonate of soda for the snow, I got this tip off the net and it works really well and its cheap and easy to do just make sure you get a consistency like cream cheese so its easy to work with.

I already had some greenery from my MiG 3 diorama I made a few years ago so I added that, I made the wooden slats out of tongue sticks doctors use & painted them Tamiya flat brown. I made the dead grass sticking out of the snow with the brush hairs off a dustpan and brush :). I then applied the snow using a teaspoon and a flat stick to how I wanted it. I used one of my spare pilots & wheels out of the spares box to make the foot prints & wheel impressions.  To finish it off I gave it a coat of gloss varnish and then got a few pinches of bicarbonate of soda and made it snow over the wet gloss varnish, let it dry and gave it a coat of flat varnish. 

Well I hope you like my diorama & if anyone wants to make a winter diorama its a cheap and easy thing to do. I'll be making more :) Thanks for looking.

Paul Coppin

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Photos and text by Paul Coppin