1/32 Tamiya F-15SG

Gallery Article by Leslie Choy on Aug 9 2015

Singapore National Day



The reference used for this build is similar to what I did some years back.


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To convert this kit to a more accurate F-15SG, the following items were either scratched build or purchased from existing aftermarket products.

  • Scratch build sensors next to rear cockpit and tail booms.
  • Scratch build Infra Red Search and Track sensor pod (IRST), scaled up from Academy 1/48 F-15E kit.
  • Replace one counter weight ballast on the vertical stabiliser 
  • Eduard F-15 Ejection Seat set
  • Wolf Pack F-15E Strike Eagle OIF Update (mainly for Lau 128 and Sniper pod)
  • Aires F-15K SLAM Eagle Exhaust Nozzle
  • AIM-9X is from Trumpeter US aircraft air to air weapon set. This AIM-9X was a little disappointing as the shape do not look right.
  • Decals are printed using printable decals. 

Wishing all Singaporeans a Happy SG50.

Leslie Choy

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Photos and text by Leslie Choy