1/48 Hasegawa S-61A-4 NURI RMAF

Gallery Article by Nazaruddin Hashim on Aug 31 2015

Malaysia National Day



This is my 1/48 S-61A-4 NURI Converted from Hasegawa PT1 SH-3H Seaking, 

This build was a platform & R&D purpose for my resin conversion project. Modification list for an Exterior- 

  • Weather Radar 

  • Intake a Filter 

  • Main Rotor head vibration damper 

  • Short Sponson 

  • Eight Cabin windows 

  • Short Span Tail fin Interior 

  • pilot Armor Seat 

  • sound prove Padding 

  • Cabin seat/stretcher.

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I have make a casting for the sponsons, armor seats, weather radar dome, rotor head and tail fin for future conversion use and also available from NMA 1/48 Nuri basic external conversion set.

Decal used from Decal la 1/48 S-61 NURI: The legendary Workhorse.

Happy Merdeka 2015.


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Photos and text by Nazaruddin Hashim