1/350 Tamiya I-400 Submarine

Gallery Article by Eric Morningstar on Mar 21 2016



This is the Tamiya Type I-400 Class submarine with a Aichi M6A Seiran "Clear Sky Storm" attack plane as used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during WW2. It was the largest operational submarine of the war at 400ft long and a total of 3 were completed at the Sasebo Navel Arsenal in Nagasaki before the end of the war.

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It carried a 14cm deck gun and 3 M6A foldable attack aircraft with floats, in a water tight enclosure on the main deck structure. These aircraft were launched from a catapult attached to the front of the hull and recovered by the deck crane when the mission was complete although I find it most likely they were on a one way trip if contact with the enemy was made. There is much information to be found on the operational missions and attack plans the IJN had imagined for this vessel for those who are interested in knowing more. I finished my submarine as if the war had continued a bit longer and the IJN had been successful at deploying the I-400 for its intended offensive operations in the Pacific such as destroying the Panama Canal or bombing New York City.

I added an Eduard photo etch set which enhanced the detail and provided the necessary railings etc. I also added communications cable and a rope to the deck gun using stretched sprue. The sub was painted using enamels and the base was painted as 'The Rising Sun' to fit the theme of Imperial Japan. It was my first attempt at a boat like this and I hope you like my interpretation. 

Eric Morningstar

Photos and text by Eric Morningstar