1/48 Revell Consolidated Catalina Mk1

Gallery Article by Paul Coppin on Mar 28 2016



Hello everyone, here is my lastest build, a 1/48 PBY Catalina of RAF 209 Squadron. This kit was a pleasure to work with and there was no real problems as the fit was good, I had to fill and sand here and there but overall a good kit. I started this on Christmas 2014 and have been working on and off on the cat all year and I finally finished it in October 2015. :) I used Vallejo, Humbrol and Tamiya paints on the PBY and gave it many gloss varnish coats then just as many for the matt varnish. :) I used artist oils and pastels to give it a light weathering look.

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They only thing I had to correct was the serial lettering as the decals were black when they should of been white so I had to paint the lettering on this bird.  To finish it all off I added a pilot and used good old EZline for the aerial wiring.

Hope you all like my Cat and thanks for looking. My next article will be the Eduard 1/48 Bf109-E7 Trop. :)

Paul Coppin

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Photos and text by Paul Coppin