1/48 Eduard Bf109-E7 Trop

Gallery Article by Paul Coppin on Apr 25 2016



Hello all, this is my latest project, an Eduard Bf109 E7 Trop (Weekend Edition) of 2./JG27, Ain En Gazala Airfield Libya 1941. I also used Eduard's photo etch with this kit. The fit on this kit was a bit tricky especially around the engine bay and I built the engine that came with this kit, but I could not get it to fit in the engine bay.  The engine is was just too big and I tried different things to get it to fit, but it was not to be, but I can use it for a future diorama that I'll make. 

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I painted this 109 with Tamiya & Vallejo paints and gave it gloss and matt varnishes & weathered (lightly) use artist oils and weathering powders. For the mottling I made my own templates.  The base was quite easy to make, I used pva glue and modelling sand and I cut the JG27 emblem off the box and gave it a good few coats of matt varnish. The air intake is wrong for this particular aircraft, but I decided to leave it as it is as it looks ok.

I hope you have enjoyed this desert bird. :)

Paul Coppin

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Photos and text by Paul Coppin