1/72 Bird Models Lippisch P.01-116

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on July 28 2016



Lippisch P.01-116 2nd design
Jet- & rocket-fighter in 1/72 from Bird Models

The team around Alexander Lippisch designed a lot of fighters, belonging to the Me 163-family.  There were three designs named Lippisch P.01-116. My model shows the version from June 1941 which has a mixed propulsion of a jet engine below the fuselage and a rocket engine in the rear. It was planned to arm it with two MG 17 and two MG 151 in the nose.

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The resin kit from Bird Models is very simple. I had to rework the whole model to make it looking like the available drawings I found.  This are the areas I modified: Wing roots, upper / lower side of the fuselage, nose, cockpit, canopy. Therefore I used polystyrene and putty. Further I engraved all the control surfaces.

Inside the cockpit I added some details and a pilot, because I wanted to present my model airborne.  Therefore I made a display out of plastic and a steel rod (Ø 1 mm).  To imitate the compressor I printed a decal and attached it to my modified intake.

After I fitted the final details, I painted the model with brush in a desert camouflage paint scheme.

I really enjoyed making and modifying this kit, what came out is a unique model of this interesting looking fighter-project.

Greetings from Germany!

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt