1/48 Revell Chinook hc. Mk.1

Gallery Article by Mohammad Adl on Sept 7 2016



Here are some photos of my model that I made during about 45 days.

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This model is a Revell Chinook hc. Mk.1. This kit was good. This model is finished in Iranian camouflage which in my opinion is one of the best looking colored camo when compared to other chinook camo schemes.

I built it and I added handmade pieces. Because it is not available for purchase. I built this model again with all restrictions.  Obtaining certain materials is very difficult for us modellers here.  For example we can not find the material and many of the kits and tools here in my country. I added weathering on the paint scheme with materials handmade by myself. These materials are not very good, but at this time there aren't many other options. 

I hope you like it.  Have a good time. 

Mohammad Adl

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Photos and text by Mohammad Adl