1/48 Italeri CH-147 Chinook "D"

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Oct 24 2016



Built for someone else.  A 1/48 Italeri C model Chinook, partway converted to a D model. Canada bought 6 heavy used and rather old US Chinooks that happened to already be in Afghanistan around 10 years back. Canadas government of the day listened to the commanders in theatre who said we need heavy lift. It saves lives. So a deal was made with the Americans to buy 6 of theirs. Really to replace the 8 we sold around 20 years back in another governments attempt to save money. Guess it would be weird having to beg another country to borrow the same helicopters you used to own. Lucky now we have 15 new F model Chinooks, based at CFB Petawawa, north of Ottawa.

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The kit itself is rather nice, detailed and HUGE. However its still a C. The ones we used in Afghanistan had big filters in front of the engines which gave a completely different look. Surprisingly there is no resin replacements for these yet ,as far as I know. As this is built for someone else and I really am not charging him much I had to think of a way to fix the engines on the cheap. Tarps, made of kleenex, Tamiya tape and paint did the trick. To give the feel of the big filters I used two lids from Testors hobby glue. They appeared pretty close to scale. There are a number of boxes bolted to the Canadian Chinooks but I lacked references and money so those I left off.  You can add 1/3 of your text here.

In the photos I included a hat and badge from 450 squadron. I do not "think" 450 was running the Chinook show back in Afghanistan, but they are now.


Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler