1/48 Planet Models SF-260

Gallery Article by El Rey on June 23 2017



Hi, this time I want to show you a special kit. A kit of resin. This model is discontinued today, made in Chekia (Czech Republic). Is not a cheap kit. Sorrowfully it does not good quality. It has some mistakes. The decals are wonderful, good stencils, and good quality. The vacuform canopy is not very clear. It's landing gear on white metal is terrible. I chose to rebuild it, from scratch, the rear wheels the same thing. It's photoetch is very nice. Well, I did some detailing: I got better the board, I put the landing and navigation lights. The static discharge are steel wire, the same the symmetrical rear antennas. The ventral antennas, exhausts and knobs were made from scratch. The model was painted using: X-4,X-2,X-7,X-19 and (X-5,X-28) on mix of Tamiya. I painted the landing gear and anti glare panel with Testors acrylics and enamels. The serial numbers and insignia courtesy from Aztec. The final cote is Semi-Gloss(Mr. Color). Really I am not sure about the real scale. It seem me some ambiguous.

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About this plane, is very famous around the world. Made it by the italian firm Aermacchi. It is a light trainner and acrobatics, good aircraft. My model represents the light trainer of EMA (Escuela Militar de Aviación). On english: Military Aviation Academy.

However I hope you like it. For this model, I tried to give my best effort. Greetings from Mexico.

El Rey

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