1/48 Fonderie Miniatures P-63C Indochina War

Gallery Article by El Rey on Sept 25 2017



Hi modeler partners. Now I bring you, this French model.  After the  Second World War, the colonial countries, had your break down, one of these, was France. On Africa falled Algeria, on Asia Indochina (Actually Vietnam). This conflict began on 1946 until 1954. Great warriors were the Vietnamese people. Well, about the P-63 King Cobra, made by Bell Company, the plane was a fighter. It had action, on the last period of the war. When the war finished, France buy many P-63, and were used by the French Air Force. During the Indochina War the P-63 was used like COIN aircraft.

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Into my professional life, never built a kit so bad. The kit suppose a multimedia accessories. The photo-etched, vacuum canopy, white-metal, plastic kit and resin, really all these, are the worst of the worst. I made a new canopy. For me, this model has been my most great effort. I took pieces from other kits: propeller, landing gear, etc. The machine and landing gates, are on scratch, but I think, the look is cool.

The plane was only painted with Mr. Color Super Metal Chrome Silver, the weathering on oils, cote Sealler Metalizer (Testors). Decals by the High-Tech. The stain exhaust were painted using my own make up. I hope you enjoy this model. Greetings from Mexico. 

El Rey

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Photos and text by El Rey