1/48 Kinetic Su-33 Flanker D

Gallery Article by Richard Spreckley on Nov 23 2017



Kinetic are renowned for over engineered and complex kits but they have truly pulled one out of the bag with this sublime quarter scale SU33 Flanker D in stunning Russian blue naval colours.

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The detail and fine panel lines are superb. The kit comes with some basic photo etch so the only real extra needed is the Eduard cockpit set mainly for the harness.

The kit goes together beautifully with very little fetteling required. The let down are the poorly produced instru tiins which on occasion needs the supplied crystal ball to work out the correct sequence!

This aircraft is huge! Especially if you leave the wings unfolded: which I did as I just love the majestic lines of this aircraft. So be careful that you have somewhere to put it!

It is the first time I have used Hakata's orange line paints, I used the Modern Russian set and I have to say the colours are spot on. The paint airbrushes beautifully, but you need a good 48 to 36hrs to ensure it is fully cured before masking it as I found it can peel away otherwise.

The engines and exhausts were painted using both Valkejo and MIG metals which I believe are the best on the market.

Final touches are the decals which are stunning if a little thick. Along with a wash and satin coat of Vallejo varnish. Topping off the build is the awesome Coastal Kits display base of the Admiral Kustinov.

This is a truly fantastic kit and a must for any modern jet enthusiast.

Richard Spreckley

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Photos and text by Richard Spreckley