1/48 AFV Club RSAF F-5E

Gallery Article by Leslie Choy on Aug 9 2018

Singapore National Day



This model depicts an early RSAF's F-5E, presumably a few years into operations after delivery in the early '80s. 

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Did some corrections and additions on the model otherwise this is a pretty much out of the box build:

  • 1. Scratchbuilt the canopy operating mechanism, canopy air conditioning ducting and a cut out for the canopy cabin pressurizing exhaust duct.

  • 2. Added electrical wires situated behind the cockpit.

  • 3. Added a release handle in the instrument panel.

  • 4. Drilled out all nav lights and replaced with clear parts

  • 5. Reworked the engine throttle handles (one seem to be missing from my example). 

  • 6. Reworked engine exhaust nozzles, did not turn out what I was expecting but at least it looked better from the original. It seems the distance between the engine exhaust nozzles and the engine turbine a little shallow .

  • 7. Engine drain pipes added to the fuselage underneath the engine.

  • 8. I separated and later rejoined the horizontal stabilizers with brass tubes, this made painting easier.

  • 9. Pitot tube replaced with brass rod/ tube.

  • 10.Gun barrels were replaced with brass tubes.

  • 11. Wolfpack ejection seat.

  • 12. Aircraft stencils are from Siam decals.

Enjoy the article and Happy National Day to all Singaporeans. 

Leslie Choy

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Photos and text by Leslie Choy