1/48 Revell F-15SG

Gallery Article by Leslie Choy on Aug 9 2018

Singapore National Day



This is not my first F-15SG build, however I have made more improvements due to new information available in the second edition of "The Modern Eagle Guide" by Reid Air Publications.

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The following improvements were made/ added:

  • 1. Aires resin cockpit with ejection seats lined with sheep skins

  • 2. Master Models AOA probes

  • 3. Undercarriage doors and speed brakes reworked with ribs and structures exposed

  • 4. Conformal Fuel Tank pylons lengthened with an engine compartment air scoop scratched build

  • 5. Re-positioned fuselage formation lightings

  • 6. Nav and position lights replaced with clear parts added

  • 7. Scratched build a new vertical tail ballast

  • 8. Scratched build the very prominent tail sensors

  • 9. Scratched build various antennas and sensors

  • 10.Replacing the kit's PW F100 engines with Aires GE F110 engines

  • 11.Replaced the kit's M61 Vulcan gun barrels with brass tubes

  • 12.Replace the kit's wheel with RESKIT wheels

  • 13.Wolfpack Lantirn and Sniper pods with scratched build IRST & pod adapter

  • 14.Ailerons and horizontal stabilizers were cut off reworked and repositioned as these are drooped when the aircraft is on ground. Furthermore without the horizontal stabilizers the tail sensor can be worked with ease.

  • 15.Miliverse decals for 428th FS 

This aircraft 05-0005 is operated by the Republic of Singapore Air Force and is also the Flag Ship of 428th FS, 366th FG currently stationed in Mountainhome AFB, Idaho. 

Enjoy the article and Happy National Day to all Singaporeans.

Leslie Choy

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Photos and text by Leslie Choy