1/48 Trumpeter F-106A Delta Dart

Gallery Article by Carl Jarosz on Jan 11 2019



F-106A Delta Dart 120th FIG, Montana ANG

An old saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." If true, I hereby offer flattery to Mr. Malcolm Reid for his previous build (see Gallery) of this same type of aircraft, F-106A, using a different maker of Delta Dart, with after market Montana ANG unit markings (120th FIG, out of Great Falls, Montana). I used the familiar Trumpeter kit, easily purchased on the market. His build and mine share many similarities, but little differences invariably exist due to personal preferences and recollection of pertinent photos of this aircraft in this unit.

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As this is my second 1/48 Trumpeter F-106A build and submission to ARC, I duplicated what I learned on my first build. The assembly was by-the-instruction-booklet, as this was without major gaffs as for part numbers and assembly sequence. I pitched the kit's cockpit seat, as I did the first time, since I knew a fantastically better resin after market one existed instead. Even though the kit's seat is adequate, with included photo-etched detail parts, I saved hours of my life's time on earth just adding paint to the after market version.

As for Mr. Reid's and my little differences, he used a more dated Monogram kit; as said above, I used a Trumpeter release, with state-of-the-art plastic moldings. Even using an older molded kit, Mr. Reid's Gallery photos show near perfection from my viewpoint. 

Another difference between our builds is the display of the weapons bay: Mr. Reid decided to go full bore on showing all the kit parts, i.e. with missiles, whereas I wanted to show a sleek aircraft ready for taxi roll. Besides, I had the weapons bay experience the first F-106 build I made (I'm still recovering, with medication). 

I used my now-standard Ammo/Mig black wash for recessed panel lines, followed by airbrushing Testor Model Master enamel paints. The exceptions were the running lights and instrument radar screen, which employed acrylics.

The Fox One decals were a big commonality between our builds: This decal sheet, for the F-106A, is impossible to beat for crispness and visual appeal. 

I could go on listing other similarities and differences between Mr. Reid's and my F-106As, but they're so minute by comparison so as to be boring, bordering on the pedantic.

Carl Jarosz

Photos and text by Carl Jarosz