Bristol 142m-2

Gallery Article by 63CPE on Jan 9 2019

Silly Week 2019



I guess you're all familiar with the Bristol Blenheim. But how would it look if the Bristol designers enjoyed a beer with Dr Richard Vogt, designer of the asymmetric Blohm und Voss BV 141? I mean both designs date back to about the same age. Roles of the BV141 and Blenheim only differ slightly. So how about a modified design of the Bristol Type 142 into an asymetric Blenheim Mk1? The Bristol Type 142M-2.

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This is actually a reworked new tool Airfix Blenheim Mk1. In the process I used a Noratlas boom, SM 79 wing (right one only), nose cone and turret from an Amiot 143 and some styrene sheet for the tailplane.

Enjoy the photos.


Photos and text by 63CPE