1/144 Pegasus Haunebu II saucer

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Feb 13 2019



The Haunebu II saucer relies on conspiracy theory that says that UFOs were built in Nazi-Germany. Of cause this is nonsense, but some people believe in anything....

In fact, the origin of the UFO that looks like the Haunebu II comes from the astronomy book "Aktuelles Wissen" (Actual Knowledge), written by Joachim Herrmann in the 1970s. There was a painted picture inside, belonging to the topic "UFOs and extraterrestrial life". I´m sure the artist of the picture never had imagined that his UFO artwork will be connected to Nazis.... My good friend Markus owns this book and sent me a scan of the picture. He also remembers that nobody talked about UFOs named "Haunebu" before.

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No matter how crazy this conspiracy theory is, the model looks cool and I needed to have it in my collection.

The parts of the Pegasus kit are injected in a good quality.

It´s just a bit confusing that the large parts have an eroded structure and others have a smooth surface. A bit putty is necessary between the six segments of the upper turret and the lower gun-units need to be sandpapered a bit to make them fitting to the spheric turrets. The diameter of the model is nearly 18 cm.

The material is not polystyrene. "Tamiya Extra Thin Cement" is recommended to assemble the kit. I used it and it worked fine.

I built the model almost out of the box, I just replaced the upper guns by selfmade, larger ones.

Below photo shows my model with a Blood Moon.

I painted the fictional flying object with brush (Humbrol, Revell).

There are just the two large, upper crosses on the decal sheet, so I used some more from other kits, aftermarket-sheets and printed some by myself. After attaching the decals I sealed the model with flat, clear varnish.

Greetings from Hollow Earth (or is it flat?!? Who knows...)!

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt