1/72 Airmodel Products DFS Habicht E

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt



After I built the DFS Habicht D-6868 three times (see here: http://www.arcair.com/Gal15/14501-14600/gal14560-Habicht-Bruckelt/00.shtm ), I´ve built the private DFS Habicht D-1901 from the Zahn family ( https://www.dfs-habicht.de/english/ ) and the D-8002 from the "OSC Wasserkuppe" now, which is a club for vintage gliders in Germany (http://www.osc-wasserkuppe.de/ ). So I´ve built all three DFS Habicht replicas which are flying today.

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The D-1901 is a present for the president of the aerobatic gliding club in which I´m a member, Schorsch Dörder. After more than 30 years off successful engagement he resigns his post now well-deserved. Once he had the possibility to fly the Habicht of the Zahn family. Of cause he enjoyed this flight very much. Since my first day in aerobatic gliding he supported me as coach (he´s also the coach of the German national team), so the model shall be a personal "thank-you" for all those good times!

The D-8002 is for my own collection. It was the first replica of the DFS Habicht. Maiden flight was in 1987 with full aerobatic capability.

I visited the OSC in Octobre 2017, so I could shoot a walkaround of this historic beauty, its shown on the OSC-site here (German description): 

I equipped the models with pilot figures from Preiser (H0-scale; 1/87) and a display. Some small parts were added out of stretched spures.

Building the DFS Habicht from Airmodel Products is always a pleasure!

A "must have" for modelers who are interested in historic gliders!

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt