1/144 Dragon F-14 Launch

Gallery Article by Graham Symmonds on Mar 5 2019



Dragon's little carrier deck diorama of launching an F-14 - a very cool subject for sure! I dropped the flaps and slats to properly represent the F-14 in launch configuration - that 's a little challenging on such a tiny plane but worked out pretty well.

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In addition, I changed the pilot/RIO figures with Ozmods modern pilots and RetroWings ejection seats. As for armament I chose Ozmods GBU-12s and the kit's sidewinders plus a scratch built Lantirn pod.

Decals are a combo of the kit's set, plus DXM's Grim Reaper Set, and Starfighter's Tomcats' in Color and USN Deck Markings. The red & white deck lines silvered quite a bit, but the others went down really nicely.

I did try to use the salt weathering process (for the first time) on this but I came to realize I have not come close to figuring out that method - one thing I did learn was that you really should sieve the salt to avoid getting a slurry that you can't really remove! So in the end I went for adding some "touch-up" patches with opposite colors (ie light ghost grey over dark ghost grey and vice versa) and Brandon weathering powders.

Graham Symmonds

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Photos and text by Graham Symmonds