1/72 Academy/Revell OV-10 Bronco

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Mar 25 2019



This diorama was put together solely as a way to use the Hasegawa ground equipment and figures - which I must say are all truly excellent. Odd item out is the tow-bar which I scratch-built over thirty years ago when I was prone to such nerdish behavior.

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The Bronco was chosen as a modernish subject and also because I find considerable pleasure these days in making new versions of models compared to older kits I recall making many years ago.

Comparing this Academy kit with the old Airfix product (maybe I even did the old Revell kit too for some reason) is pretty laughable though I actually miss the tactile pleasure of all those rivets. For some weird marketing reason, this kit is apparently just released under the Revell label.

Academy's boxart is terrific for a start. The kit itself is also pretty good: reasonable cockpit, nice variety of well-detailed stores, decent fit and decals. If you're going to have a problem with this one, then it will be with that canopy. That large, bulbous four-piece canopy. I finally got mine together but not without trouble and painful awareness that it looks far from perfect even now.

Doing it again, I think I would pose one pair of side panels open which should actually make it easier to finish neatly.

Paint was Tamiya acrylics, washing and drybrushing was by tubed acrylics. The base is scrap building insulation.

Greg Kerry

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Photos and text by Greg Kerry