Bunch of 1/48 Revell CF-101 Voodoos

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Apr 1 2019

Canada - RCAF Birthday



A customer wanted some Voodoos built. So here they are. The first is a early 1962 scheme from 410 Squadron. Next a 425 squadron airframe from around 1967. The next threes are all second batch airframes.

One from 416 squadron with special Lobster on board markings. Circa around 1973. I built one for myself, another 416 Lobster bird but with air to air red wings. Last, the ever popular 414 black electric jet.s you liked or disliked about the kit.

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The decals are mostly from the recently re-released Leading Edge sheet. Some markings are from Belcher bits to fill out the earlier schemes. Mine actually used Canuck decals. So..all the Canadian companies had a part in these builds. All the sheets are usable however I recommend the Leading Edge set as it comes with all the needed stencils in addition to the basic markings.

The group of 5, are the customers awaiting pick-up. There is mine on the shelf. Also a group shot of all the Voodoos together.

Shawn "phantom"Weiler

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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom"Weiler