1/72 AZmodel Bf 109G-4 "Red 7"

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Apr 3 2019



The "Red 7" is a Bf 109G-4 made from a Hispano Aviación HA-1112-M1L Buchón. The restoration began in 1997 in Albstadt/Degerfeld, a nice airfield in south/west Germany. The maidenflight as "Red 7" was in 2004. I visited the hangar in which it was built in 2018, and talked to Wilhelm Heinz, one of the former owners and pilots. There was no original of this machine in WW2. The "Red 7" shows a Bf 109 without glorifying any pilot and just shows how a Bf 109 in general looked. In 2008 the ´109 was sold to the Messerschmitt-Stiftung (Messerschmitt Foundation), which keeps it flying and presents it on airshows: https://www.flugmuseum-messerschmitt.de/messerschmitt/aircraft/me109-g4/index.html

Hats off those people, who invest so much energy, time and money to keep these warbirds alive!

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The model was made from the excellent kit from AZmodel, which comes from the same moulds like the KP kits (see my Avia S-199 on ARC on May 9 2019).

Peddinghouse offers a decal sheet in different scales to build the "Red 7". The printing quality at all is good, but the red markings and the flag are not covering the ground well (they are not printed on a white base), so I had to overpaint them. Because of that I used the yellow triangle on the left side from the decal sheet of the kit.

The model was painted with colours from Revell (enamels) by brush and sealed with clear, flat varnish.

Greetings from Germany

Thomas Brückelt

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