1/48 Hobbyboss A-6A Intruder

Gallery Article by Michael Taylor (modelguy2) on May 7 2019



This is Hobbyboss' 1/48 A-6A #81708 with AOA decals Intruders from the Beach decals. Out of the box the kit does not accurately render an-A version of the Intruder because the molds are also used for the -E kits, AOA decal's instructions point out the necessary modifications to backdate the model to accurately represent an A-6A. AOA also includes a selection of weapon loads for each of the squadrons/timeframes available on the sheets. In order to depict the load shown it was necessary to use the MER's from a second kit as Hobbyboss only includes 2 MER's per kit. The centerline MER is from Hasegawa and is placed there to minimize any noticeable variation between the two designs that would have been quite noticeable had I placed it on a wing pylon. 

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The only additions to the kit are Hypersonic Models Martin Baker GRU-5 seats (very nice), flack curtains made from two part epoxy, a small nose gear scissors component made from sheet plastic as well as brake lines and six Hasegawa Mk 83 bombs to supplement the kits MK 117's that are actually Mk 83's-the two manufacturers being nearly identical. One of the more challenging aspects of the build was dealing with the geometry of sixteen bombs on five MERs. The canopy was masked with Flying Leatherneck's canopy masks which worked great.

Paint is Model Master Gull over white. The radome halves were first attached to each fuselage side to help eliminate gaps.

Once the fuselage was closed up and ready for paint the radome was painted black, select areas were covered with white glue and when dry the radome was painted an off white. Once dry tape was used to reveal the masked areas presenting the chipped effect. One thing I would do differently is to decide earlier in the build to fold the wings. I made this decision after the outer wings were built and consequently I glued the spoilers down tight where they should be slightly opened if the wings are folded.

Michael Taylor (modelguy2)

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Photos and text by Michael Taylor (modelguy2)