1/144 Bandai Millennium Falcon

Gallery Article by Rodrigo Rendon on May 15 2019



The Bandai kit has exceptional detail for the scale. I used enamels from Archive-X Paint for the base and Abteilung 502 artist's oil paints for weathering. The wiring for the L.E.D.s and the fiber optic wire is an aftermarket kit. Some photo etch including the engine exhaust grills are also aftermarket.

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The Death Star hangar bay deck is made up of poster board purchased at the local arts and crafts store. The radar dish, mount, and Stormtroopers are all made by Shapeways.com. Holes were drilled into the hull to represent white flood lights and red beacons.

The Rebel and Imperial logos are custom decals make on Power Point and printed on laser decal paper.

This diorama was made for my high school buddy who is a crazy Star War fan!

Rodrigo Rendon

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Photos and text by Rodrigo Rendon