1/48 G.W.H F-15I RaŽam

Gallery Article by Francisco "Block50" Gutierrez on July 11 2019



G.W.H has worn with this F-15I, full of details and good fit, ideal to add an eagle to our collection.

The assembly did not have major complications, but to take the level of details further, the navigation lights were replaced by transparent plastic.

I also decided to open one of the engine bays to show the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229, which is included in the kit.

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The CFTs were worked apart from the rest of the model to keep the line of separation very noticeable in the real appliances, in addition the right maintenance gate was made.  Another very good extra, is the possibility of leaving open the radar electronics bays, which cost a little work for the amount of details but in the end it gave very good results.

The model was painted with the IAF set of AMMO MIG, varnished with Block50 varnish and all the weathering was worked with AmmoMig pigments, Vallejos and oils.

The Python IV and AIM-120 missiles are those of the kit, which are molded in one piece, as well as all the rest of the ordinance and sensors.

The decals are those of the kit (2 sheets with about 500 stencils!) which required patience and a lot of softener, especially in the wheel of the rudder.

A very good model that will surely give you hours of entertainment.

Cheers From Chile!!

Francisco "Block50" Gutierrez

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Photos and text © by Francisco Gutierrez