1/48 Kinetic F-84F Thunderstreak

Gallery Article by Carl Jarosz on July 16 2019



F-84F Thunderstreak 113rth FBS, 181st FBW, Indiana ANG

Half a year ago, my submission on an Indiana ANG F-84F unit, the 163rd FBS, was graciously accepted and posted by ARC (see Gallery) showing the distinct markings of that Ft. Wayne, Indiana, based outfit. There was an Aero Master decal sheet on the market with the unit markings and, as a Hoosier, I had to create a replica of that aircraft. That, plus I admitted earlier that I had a secret love affair with the sleek looking Thunderstreak.

Indiana has two ANG units, and for some divine reason, Aero Master issued a decal sheet with the second unit's markings: this one the 113th FBS, out of Terre Haute, Indiana (right on the Indiana-Illinois state line). Well! I naturally had to make another replica, depicting this outfit's aircraft.

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I used the Chinese-made 1/48 Kinetic kit again. I simply like how the parts fit together with minimal effort, plus their inclusion of two weight balls that relieve one from fashioning weights and packing them into secluded spaces inside the fuselage in order to have the jet stand on its three-legged landing gear. That, plus the decal sheet is much more involved than the old standby Monogram kit. The cockpit isn't too shabby for the money compared to the Monogram kit, too.

For this build, I only used a cockpit seat that came with a Squadron F-84F kit: that make was more detailed, but, alas, the rest of the Squadron kit didn't measure up the Kinetic one for fit, or for features (e.g. one can't build the Squadron kit with open canopy with kit parts).

I used my usual enamel Testor's spray silver, buffing chrome silver, and selected application of Bare Metal Foil. I went light on the weathering, due to the clean condition of ANG aircraft, save for oil streaks and gun powder burns from firing the .50 cal guns. For the windshield sealant, I masked off the edges and used yellow paint. I gave up trying to use yellow decal sheet for this trim, as it brittles into pieces in no time.

Carl Jarosz

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Photos and text by Carl Jarosz