1/48 Aeroclub/ Airfix Hawker Hunter T Mk 75 A

Gallery Article by Leslie Choy on Aug 9 2019

Singapore National Day



This is a Aeroclub Hunter T7 conversion kit with Airfix Hawker Hunter F.6 and built as a Singapore Airforce Hawker Hunter T Mk 75A. For this kit I have to rebuild the cockpit and replaced the Aeroclub supplied white metal seats with PJ Productions MB Mk4 ejection seats. Added frame & canopy lock hooks to the canopy and windscreen.

Joining of the completed Aeroclub T7 front fuselage to the Airfix Hunter fuselage turned out well (this Aeroclub kit was designed for the Academy Hunter kit). The match was almost perfect at the top however the bottom portion will required some work. 

The RSAF T 75A has a FGA 9 type flaps to accommodate the larger/ longer 230 gallon drop tank when is lowered, so the Airfix F6 flaps have to be binned and rebuild the flaps using the Academy flap as a guide.

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Some other work done:

  • 1.  Starboard aileron trim tab.

  • 2.  A hole drilled into the kit clear navigation light and filled with red/blue clear paint to represent the coloured light bulb and also the pitot tube replaced with a Master Model brass example.

  • 3.  Fashion a clear sprue for the tail light.

  • 4.  The kit comes with a single gun tube and Sabrinas, so have to scratch build 2 sets each.

  • 5.  Replacing the kit's nose wheel from Aeroclub kit's white metal wheel.

  • 6.  Detailed the undercarriage doors, fashion 2 brass tube connecting rods for the nose undercarriage rear doors (the Airfix kit supplied only one set) and hydraulic jacks for the main undercarriage doors.

  • 7.  Lengthen jet pipe.

  • 8.  Both inboard and outboard pylons' height extended by approximately 2mm and rescribed the access panel.

  • 9.  Flightpath 230 gallon drop tanks with scratch build tank strut for the inboard pylons.

  • 10.  Flightpath CBLS 100 practice bomb carrier.

  • 11.  Various antennaes, scoops and a vent pipe for the aft fuselage.

  • 12.  Made a cut out on the side of front fuselage to mount 2 Brengun ladders. Also replaced the ladder's flat brass steps with a brass tube, the width of the ladder is also reduced.

Painted the model with 3 tone SEA camouflage scheme using Mr Color paints, the shark mouth/teeth and the chequered rudder is created by masking. For the eyes, is a cut out from a white decal sheet and hand painted the blood shot veins. Xtradecal 1/48 British Letter/ Numbers for the tail number. Other decals are from my spares box.

Leslie Choy

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Photos and text by Leslie Choy