1/72 Heller Boeing 707 - CC-137

Gallery Article by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler on July 24 2019



As I just finished a 1/144 scale model of this same airframe we had better show the big brother. Both models were made for a customer using 26 decals.

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This model took far more work then the baby brother in 1/144. The kit was supplied in a packing box with a fair amount of mold on the plastic. That washed off just fine. However most of the landing gear was heavily damaged. 5 out of the 8 main landing gear to wheel connections had broken off. They were replaced with spare sprue filed to size with paper clips drilled into each for support. I guess the kits first owner was trying something different and had cut off the port wingtip. So had to make a new one of those. The decal as nice and as colourful as they are, seem very thin. The cargo door had folded over on itself and could not be saved. Luckily two came with the decals. Another problem is one of the very large roundels folded over itself too. Fortunately I had a spare. 26 decals are very nice but take your time and watch your placement. They do not seem to like to be re-positioned. The last thing was a Leading Edge refuelling boom under each wing.

Always preferred this paint scheme. I also included my own 707 which is around 10 years old now.


Photos and text by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler