1/48 Hasegawa (mostly) CF-14G Tomcat

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Aug 8 2019



Our government missed the boat on replacing the Hornet. Legal dealings with Boeing, F-35 production shut down as we took too long to make a decision. Well, one day our government watch watching an old VHS copy of Top Gun on a political retreat. The environment minister really thought Tom Cruise had it going on back in the day. Not knowing a retired airframe from a pair of combat boots she suggested that plane in the movie. Chief of defence staff tried to talk her into something made this century but he was overruled by the Prime Minister. " sink of the votes we can get!!! Top Gun 2 is coming out. I can get a selfie with Tom Cruise!!! However we have to make the plane more Canadian first!!!

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12 old Tomcats were found in various peoples back yards and shipped to Canada. As all the engines were time expired we took the engines off our recently retired Challenger business jets. Actually the kit engines I used are from a S-3 Viking) But to make them even MORE green we developed a fuel made from kitten tears and unicorn farts.  Better for the ozone you know. One of the ministers mentioned she did not like the part of the movie when Goose got whacked in the head. So we should not have gooses (Geese?) in our planes. They took out the back seat. The finance minister then suggested we need more money to give to other countries. The environment minister chucked a big green bin back there. Now every one who comes within 10 feet of the planed to pay a tax..errr Don't call it a tax, suggested the Prime Minister, its a CARBON LEVY!!! 

The new engines while environmentally friendly really reduced the speed of the Tomcat. The wings had to be kept locked forward as the plane now could barely make it above stall speed. As the missile racks had to be removed, which was fine for the government it was not so fine for the RCAF. As the plane could not be used in combat it was decided to reform 416 Lynx squadron and use the planes as aggressors. Along with the CCRAP Warthog Canada now had 50 year old planes replacing our 40 year olds. Canada, doing more with less, and flying yesterdays aircraft tomorrow. At least they got nice paint schemes.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler