1/72 HobbyBoss Rafale C

Gallery Article by Patrick Vossenberg on Aug 26 2019



HobbyBoss' Rafale C in 1/72 is quite a nice kit: the surface detail is pretty well elaborated (perhaps a bit shallow in a few places). Landing gear and wheel bays are really well done and so is the exhaust area. I added an Eduard Zoom PE set, bringing the ejection seat and particularly the canopy interior to life. The intakes and the spine caused a bit of work in getting these properly fitted and aligned.

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The kit is finished in the 2015 markings of the French Air Force, operating from an airbase in Jordan as part of Operation Chammal, using Wolfpak decals. Paints are Humbrol/Revell enamels and Alclad for the aluminium wheel well interiors/landing gear struts. 

For the typical load-out during this operation, I used some parts of the Olimp resin set (Damocles pod and pylons). This set also comes with GBU-12's, but as the moulding of the resin is quite rough (requiring significant clean-up), I made it easier for myself and just added some spare bombs from Academy's F/A-18 instead. The Olimp set also provides the correct sensor unit on top of the nose in resin. The MICA missile is from the kit.

Enjoy the pictures!

Patrick Vossenberg

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Photos and text by Patrick Vossenberg