1/48 Mikro Mir Hunting Percival Provost

Gallery Article by Brian "Mr B" Param on Aug 31 2019

Malaysia National Day



I was over the moon when I heard of a 1/48 injected mold Provost. I purchased 3 boxes and it was one of my longest builds ever. I started in Aug 2018 and finished them in early 2019. Nothing worked well. Lots of cleaning, test fitting, modifications and such.

Decals were taken mainly from the Tutor kits from Hobbycraft, serials mix and match and pilot names custom printed but ended having a "brain fart" in measurements...I just used them as I could not afford anymore time on the build. Checkers were very time consuming as they were masked and sprayed on....x 3. 

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Overall the passion for the subject as because my dad started his flying instruction to pilots on the provost. FM 1045 carried his name whiles he was on his first tour teaching n training pilots at Alor Setar Malaysia.

This project is also special as I made new friends whom have a common passion for the provost. 

Thanks to Thomas for assisting me with one decal, Aidy with printing the pilot names and the kind chaps who shared info on this build.

Will make it into a diorama in due time...

Hope you like it....Happy Merdeka 2019.

Brian "Mr B" Param

Photos and text by Brian "Mr B" Param