1/72 KOPRO Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter and

1/72 Academy Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

Gallery Article by Shailesh Karkhanis on Sept 30 2019



Completed both the kits simultaneously today. Work started around a week back. Both the kits can be graded as easy / level 2 kits. Both kits fix well. Decals options were German [Luftwaffe] and Egyptian respectively. I wanted to make the same in the PAF and the IAF markings. Purchased the decal sheet of DP Casper no 72014 titled the forgotten operations of India Pakistan War. This decal sheet has options for 11 types of Aircraft of either side !!!! The decals are easy to operate and pretty strong as well.

The only disappointment is the Canopy provided by the Academy kit for the F-104 it's a disaster, so Flat and thick. I am searching for an option where I can buy a standalone Canopy for the F-104 as a replacement for the current work L. 

Colours used for both the models were Fevicryl silver along with the Binder, Fevicryl Black, White. Olive Drab was made by mixing Green and Earth shades.

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I wanted to colour the Su-7 with Metal and earth camouflage however was not sure about the underside markings of this aircraft whether it is an all metal or the camouflage carries to the underside of the aircraft as well. So maintained the all metal appearance. 

The Indian Air Force (IAF) used the Su-7 extensively in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Six squadrons, totalling in 140 aircraft, flew almost 1,500 offensive sorties during the war, and undertook the bulk of the daytime attack efforts. The IAF managed to retain a very high operational tempo with its Su-7s, peaking at a sortie rate of six per pilot per day. After the war was over, it was found that the aircraft had a high survivability, being able fly home safely despite receiving heavy damage.

F 104 Starfighters entered service with PAF during 1961 and continued to fly until 1972 when dwindling spares support forced their early retirement. 

Aircraft with the respective registration numbers of the respective models presented here seem to be participated in 1971 War.

Hope you enjoyed my Models.

Shailesh Karkhanis

Photos and text by Shailesh Karkhanis