1/72 Ground support, Control Tower and Tarmac

Gallery Article by Duncan on Sept 23 2019



Hi everybody, I like to show you some of the builds I did recently. Best ones came from Videoaviation, these are superb!

Other are from Hasegawa, Fujimi, Brengun, CMK, Verlinden; 1/87 Rocco, Athearn, Faller and Preiser military runway sections.

The Preiser airfield tarmacs I found were old/vintage (1984) but a very nice add besides its simplicity. Back then a great idea. It's not like paper/board. The rubber/foamy texture is elastic. Some items got shrinked or showed formed folds due to long storage. Heavy books on top worked, as well rubbin'em out on smooth bathroom tiles (with water). I can turn the whole house upside down for a larger diorama but left as is.

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I also experimented with a large eizo screen as background for some pictures I made. Posters didn't really work when it comes to a sunset?

Sure thing is to keep the isometric correct when taking pictures which in many cases failed

As with the control tower-build: I used parts from different Faller kits. After research I found some pictures of the Korat CT in Vietnam as well one in Guantanamo bay! Its too bad no modern 1/72 or a huge 1/48 CT is out there. Reese AFB control tower concept was an inspiration for me. Of course the items I built are based on authenticity and fiction, for me it is just modelling fun!


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Photos and text by "cag_200"