1/72 Trumpeter MiG-29 UPG IAF

Gallery Article by Murli Rajan on Jan 26 2020

India Republic Day



The Indian MIG-29 were upgraded to the MIG-29 UPG standard. This Version is similar to the SMT variant but differs by having non Russian made avionics suite, which included latest avionics, Zhuk-ME Radar, Engine, weapons control systems, enhanced multirole capabilities. making it the most advanced MiG-29, and the 1st IAF MiG-29 UPG arrived in 2012. 

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I picked the 1:72 Trumpeter MiG-29 SMT kit as visually its exactly the same, other than the ELT-568 Advanced Jamming pod on the starboard vertical stabilizer 

Its a beautiful kit with loads of details and fantastic fit. I hardly used putty and assembly was a breeze . I scratch built the Jamming pod & FOD covers using styrene sheet. Paints were MR.Hobby, I had to mix and match a bit to get the IAF grey, decals from Bright Spark for roundels and fin flash, the black serial numbers were printed on a laser printer. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Indian Republic Day.

Murli Rajan

Photos and text by Murli Rajan