1/48 Kopro Su-7 BMK (Fitter) Type S-22

Gallery Article by Leonard Prakasam on Jan 26 2020

India Republic Day



Picked up this kit more for its box art (have framed it too...) than for the model and its very unique livery of the actual aircraft that flew with the 32nd Sqn. of the Indian Air Force. This particular aircraft belonged to the "Thunderbirds" sqn. based in Jodhpur AFS. This unique scheme was painted for the Commanding Officer of the Sqn.

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The kit was pretty basic in detail though it really stands out if enough PE parts are added to enhance the details. Also, the kit does not provide the wheel/landing gear detail of the "BMK" version that served with the Indian air Force.

The build was pretty straightforward with the only exception being the placement of the fin. Had to rework multiple times to get it perfectly vertical w.r.t the wings. Learnt a lot about sequence in building this kit for sure!!

The kit was primed and painted with flat black as a base coat. Random panels were selected on the fuselage and wing sections to receive a thinned out coat of very dark grey to break the monotony of an all black paint job.

The model also received a sludge wash with a lighter shade to bring out the subtle rivet and panel line details. The decals were very brittle and posed the greatest test in patience to get it right....actually robbed the joy of putting this kit together!!! Had to hand paint various bits of the shark mouth as the decals just did not want to settle down. The final result actually surprised me and does not show the effort that went into it to get it right!

Leonard Prakasam

Photos and text by Leonard Prakasam